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Black Swan Systems is a engineering design house with skills and flexibility to undertake assignments as engineering consultants on your projects.  We specialise in electronic design and software development but we can turn a hand to mechanical and product design as well.

Whether it’s a simple 8 bit control system, a Bluetooth communication device, a 32 bit ARM development or even a complex DSP voice system, you can be sure that has the expertise to help you meet your goals.

IoT and cloud computing has become an area where we have focused our attention.  Not because it is the “latest buzz word”, but because it is making business sense to our customers who need to sample, send and analyse data quickly and efficiently.

With commitment to exceed your expectations we are an ideal partner for augmenting your existing team or providing a new skill set to your business.

You’ll be pleased to know that we like to keep things simple and straight forward. We think engineering is complex enough, so we keep all other aspects of our business straightforward. You’ll find our commercial terms easy to understand, our engineers friendly and enthusiastic and our door always open.

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Over 23 Years of Experience

Black Swan Systems is a small company with a broad range of engineering disciplines, and as such we are able to contribute to a wide range of electronics and software design projects.

Although small, we work on long term projects with some of the biggest silicon suppliers and system developers in the world as well as having smaller clients who work in niche technology markets. These clients exist around the world.s

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